Asshole Mario

Alright check this out, this is guaranteed to increase your blood pressure. I felt a tingling in my arms several times while watching this.

It's essentially the most masochistic person in the world who is also a game playing WIZARD playing a level designed by his friend, the most sadistic person in the world who is also a game design GENIUS. If I were playing the game, I'd be taking a break to beat the designer about the head with a board with a nail in it. By the end of the 20-odd videos, I'd be in the hospital. So would the creator, at MY HANDS. But seriously, it's worth watching them all when you have a bored moment free.


Insane Hands Free Mario Level AND MORE

It's hard enough to make a hands-free Mario level, but this is SO MUCH MORE. The music sync must have taken so much time... It looks to me like Mario is propelled forward on those rope conveyor belts, and some are hidden in the scenery. Makes this poster really hit home, huh?


Yoshi as a tool ::sad face::


Music Player

I added a music player on my side bar!! >>>

It's set to NOT autoplay cuz there are few things I hate more than suddenly jumping in the air from random music BLASTING on a website I just browsed to and the subsequent scramble to find a Stop button hidden somewhere amidst the flash and ads. Currently it has only the song from the previous post. I'll add more as inspiration hits.

I love the "hemp" skin for the player =) Reminds me of my long-time AIM buddy icon. It used to be a rotating globe... anyone know why it isn't spinning anymore??


The Air That I Breathe

by the Hollies

If I could make a wish
I think I'd pass
can't think of anything i need....

no cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
nothing to eat, no books to read
making love with you
has left me peaceful, warm and tired
what more could I ask

there's nothing left, to be desired
peace came upon me and it leaves me weak
so sleep, silent angel
go to sleep........

all I need is the air that I breathe
and to love you
all I need is the air that I breathe
just to love you
all I need is the air that I breathe.......

Peace came upon me
and it leaves me weak
so sleep silent angel
go to sleep.......

I slept an extra 4 hours today because of the SEXY dreams! How appropriate that this song pops up. Sexy dreams should come every night.

DANGER cat bites!

80% of them get infected.... that's not to mention WILD cat bites. If I die of rabies, I'm sorry to everyone I've wronged. Really I am!

Anyways, help me pick a hair colour.

Red, Brown, Peacock (brown layer on top, iridescent green, blue purple layers underneath)


Touch My Body

Mariah Carey's new music video! Bahaha. She's looking good too... hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery does wonders to a person. But I'd say she came out perfectly curvalicious.


I Love the World! Discovery Channel Commercial

The grin on Mac's (Future Weapons) face while shooting his large splodey thing is PRICELESS. And of course mmmmmm Bear ::droooooool::


Eri Imai

So purty... take her home with me...



Ok, Round 2 of the "lemon detox diet" / "beyonce detox."

The reason I did this the first time was because I felt ridiculously bloated after every meal, and when I ate out often I'd develop hives on the sides of my hips where the "love handles" are. Looking it up, it sounded like the bloating was caused by decreased function of the liver and the rash was from toxin build-up in my fat deposits. (If your liver gets backed up due to ingesting lots of preservatives/alcohol/etc, toxins get backed up in your body, causing water retention and toxin build-up. Toxins are stored in fatty deposits, so since the first place that I gain weight is in my love handles, the toxins were concentrated there, causing the rash.)

<<< >>>

I'm going to do a summary of the important points about it, and how it worked for me below, ignore if you're not interested:

This detox is supposed to flush the toxins from your body. It's designed as a fast, where you eat/drink nothing but lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 7-10 days. (Although there are modifications that are supposed to enhance the detox involving laxative tea in the morning and salt washes at night.) After the stuff permeates your system, the toxins are supposed to ... "purge" from your body in a watery black tarry form.

This thing is super popular these days, mainly because of how much Beyonce slimmed down on it for the movie Dreamgirls. She supposedly lost 20 lbs in 14 days. But it's NOT designed as a weight loss solution, although one of the side effects is slight decrease in water weight/retention. Because of the restrictions on your diet, anyone who loses weight on this will just gain it back again when they go back to their regular eating habits. In other words, if you really do need to lose weight, this is just a good enhancement, maybe to try near the beginning of a diet regimen to cleanse yourself before entering into the real deal and maintaining a no-preservative diet. As for me, I only intended to slim down my bloated areas a bit, and for that it worked perfectly.

Standard "Lemon Detox Fast" :
  1. 8 oz. spring water
  2. 1/4 or 1/2 fresh-squeezed lemon
  3. 1-2 tbsps Grade B Maple Syrup
  4. A pinch of cayenne pepper
The acid in the lemon is the main cleansing mechanism, don't use lemon juice, the point is to eliminate preservatives from your diet. The maple syrup in the recipe is designed to be your source of energy and nutrients, thus Grade B Maple Syrup which is less refined than Grade A. Cayenne pepper speeds up your metabolism.

That's it, that's all you can eat for 7-10 days.... Good luck, don't die. I'm not advocating this, don't sue me from the grave.

Personally, as much of you are well aware, there is no chance in hell I could ever accomplish anything resembling a fast. I have to eat constantly or my starvation mechanism kicks in and my stomach starts digesting itself within 4 hours. Although the maple syrup does a good job keeping my energy up, my stomach can't break the habit. Plus I'm a meatatarian, I get uncontrollable cravings if I haven't eaten meat in a day. (Anyone remember those incidents when I ran out of meat in college.... opening and closing cabinets in a frenzy... eying my leather belts with a bit of drool leaking out the side of my mouth....) So basically I do a modified version, and only for a couple days.

My Lemon Detox Mod:

Rather than combining all the ingredients, I put the pinch of cayenne in a separate shot glass of water and drink it first. I find the cayenne makes a musty flavor in the lemon water otherwise. (Note: don't try making the drink with hot water... trust me it is nasty.)

Rather than living off this, I calm my stomach by constantly eating watery fruit and veggies (usually a whole honeydew, but grapefruits, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc. work just fine.) For dinner I have yummy mommy food, (she's the best cook in the world, I swear) but I ask her to make things that have few preservatives, like buck-wheat noodles MMMMM. Usually I cave and have meat anyways, (the first time, I ended up eating a chunk of prosciutto the first day... completely defeats the purpose but since I'm not attempting to perform the true lemon detox fast feat, it's really not a big deal.) I probably end up having about 6-8 glasses per day. I also make sure to take a multivitamin every day just in case. Don't want to get sick because I'm depriving my body of vital nutrients. I never experienced the purge effect though... probably need to do it for at least 4 days for that to happen.

Warning: this may be a bad thing to do if you have a high performance job. Not eating tends to make people tired and dizzy/out of it. Plus you'll have to go pee every 10 minutes or so, and if it's true about the semi-uncontrollable purging.... that could be bad at work. In addition, all that acid isn't the best thing for your teeth. I'm no expert on teeth so I don't have a clear solution, but I personally find that it feels better if i have some lower acid fruit occasionally. Drinking water also may help, especially before going to bed, otherwise you may be brushing the top layer of enamel off your teeth.

After doing the detox last time, I felt a big increase in my energy level and I was much less bloated and uncomfortable after meals. At night after eating big meals, my waist stayed nearly as slim as it was when I woke up, and the love handles and thus rash disappeared. The effect lasted for months, and I think it maintains itself as long as I don't eat lots of fast food or restaurant food i.e. preservatives.

Now I'm starting to bloat up a little again, so I thought this would be a good time to do another one as a quick maintenance. I'll let you know how this ones goes, and if I can get around to it, before and after pictures to give you an idea of the effect.

I hear that it's a good idea to add this to your daily diet by having a glass before sleep. I should really try it.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments.

**Anecdotal Update from Night 1**
tingsqrd: i got dark soy sauce in my haaaaair
tingsqrd: ::licks it::
tingsqrd: wait NO SHOULDNT
raccoon unit: WAHAHA
tingsqrd: BAHAHA OH NO
raccoon unit: hilarium!
raccoon unit: you spill on purpose
raccoon unit: so you can cheat on detox
raccoon unit: *lick lick*
tingsqrd: bahaha i reaching for something and dropped giant thing of oil and giant thing of dark soy sauce... caught them both with forearms but soy sauce LEAK
tingsqrd: BAHAHA EWIES
tingsqrd: licking soy sauce GROSS
tingsqrd: .... ::licking...::
raccoon unit: oh but so salty
raccoon unit: wahahahahahaaha



Wow this is an incredible game.

It's gorgeous and relaxing and sooo much fun to play. Wonder what the PS3 version looks like. More pretty vids on IGN.

Oh, and here's the original PC version. The red beacons take you down a level, blue takes you up a level. As you eat you become bigger and more intricate. The PSP/PS3 versions have 6 different species, all with different boosts and incredible designs.


we are sick.

regarding the previous post about this

tingsqrd: so hot
tingsqrd: love the strap on
tingsqrd: sexaay
raccoon unit: frreall..!
raccoon unit: wanna play
tingsqrd: but you already have one!!!
tingsqrd: you dont need another!!
raccoon unit: true, i probably can't use mine as controller though =(
raccoon unit: nofe air
tingsqrd: HAHAHHA
tingsqrd: soon they will make a peripheral that you can control with your pii pii
tingsqrd: that'd be awesome
raccoon unit: thank goodness!
raccoon unit: i've been waiting for this day
raccoon unit: for so long
tingsqrd: like ::strain:: ::beating the crap out of everyone in smash brothers:: ::grunt... sweat drop::
raccoon unit: gahahaha!
raccoon unit: just like that
tingsqrd: I CANT WAIT
tingsqrd: but there'd be nothing for girls
raccoon unit: yes the strapon would be required =\
tingsqrd: OMG NO
raccoon unit: OH YES
tingsqrd: strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles while gaming WOOOOT!
raccoon unit: wahaha!
raccoon unit: thats the ticket!
tingsqrd: i beat the crap out of you in soul calibur with the power of the VAGINA
raccoon unit: healthy gaming!
tingsqrd: AHAHAHAHA
tingsqrd: ewies
tingsqrd: we're so gross
raccoon unit: HAHA
raccoon unit: i wish it were true
tingsqrd: bahaha we should totally invent it
raccoon unit: oh man we should
raccoon unit: i think we would be millionaires
tingsqrd: and we would create a legion of SUPER SEX MACHINES
raccoon unit: oh man
tingsqrd: G-SPOT ATTACK!!
raccoon unit: wahahaha
raccoon unit: advanced way beyond poor developing nations...
tingsqrd: i know... that's so sad =(
tingsqrd: we could donate some units
raccoon unit: there you go!
raccoon unit: like those cheap laptops!
raccoon unit: wahahahahaha
tingsqrd: but they'd... have to share
tingsqrd: and it would exacerbate the aids problem...
raccoon unit: oh man
raccoon unit: it would craps
raccoon unit: they might blame us
tingsqrd: oh god oh god
tingsqrd: this goes on the blog
tingsqrd: no matter how gross it makes me seem
raccoon unit: ahahaha
raccoon unit: its okay
raccoon unit: all should know
raccoon unit: so someone might actually make it
raccoon unit: haha
tingsqrd: oh god i hope someone does
tingsqrd: but we better get royalties
tingsqrd: and we have to make sure there's a rumble pack
raccoon unit: oh man
raccoon unit: for the ladies!
raccoon unit: like rez!
tingsqrd: hell yea...
tingsqrd: and develop some "pleasure games"
raccoon unit: oh man
raccoon unit: i need to get that engineering degree...
tingsqrd: SERIOUSLY

Even I've forgotten what I look like by now

So here are some current photos... I know the skirt is disgustingly cute, the pockets on the sides are overkill.


April Fool's stuff

Lots of funny April Fool's links at VG Cats.

Starcraft 2!! (God I want to play this game...)

New WOW class! bahaha Facemelter...

Assassin's Creed 2 ... with guns?

Legend of Zelda Feature Film

Super Pii Pii Brothers



Now this is interesting. No more consoles eh? I think this is definitely possible, but I'm not economically savvy enough to analyze how likely it is to happen. Technically, it's a great idea -- put all the processing and video rendering of a game on a humongoid server which instantly reads your input, then streams the visual information over highspeed internet to your low processing-power receiver unit. This is seemingly an incredibly efficient and resource-saving solution, but who knows what the reality would be. There also MANY potential fubars (server crashes, internet inconsistency, hacking concerns) which could render the entire system unplayable and unleash a legion of angry pasty nerdos with pitchforks (I would be leading, torch in hand). Plus I imagine that would decrease the price of console units sold, which I assume is a large part of revenue, so it may not benefit the companies as much... however there would likely be a monthly fee which would prolly make up the difference. Whooo knows, what do you think?

Here's a new take on energy saving! WTF how retarded can you get. ELECTROCUTING you if it decides you have no need for more light.... HRM doesnt that USE MORE electricity??? ugh.

And lastly, some geeky April Fool's ideas. I love the blue screen of death one, and I'm definitely keeping that wakerupper.com website onhand BAHAHAHA.

painful howling!!

rock band review

ROCK BAND! This game is so much fun, even for those of us with pitch problems. The drums are the highlight for me personally. Everyone knows it's quite therapeutic smashing things with a stick without any social stigma... not that social stigma has every stopped me =) I just have to say thank god we have apparently deaf downstairs neighbors. That footpedal is my downfall tho... FRUSTRATION! ::Phoenix Wright pose:: The 360 Fender Stratocaster guitar is big and heavy, takes a little getting used to since the strum bar doesn't click, but I'm sure it just takes practice. The solo keys are fun to play with though... you don't have to strum during the complicated solo sequences, just hit the notes right!!

My only qualm about the game is the typical pitch-oriented karaoke system. It has the same setup as the Singstar Series, you know, the little nodes that you have to pitch your voice to. However, most rock songs, which make up hrmm ALL the songs on the game are really not about perfect pitch. Singing rock songs, you want to be able to belt and wail it out! But the pitch system requires you to sing the full note with a consistent pitch, making most people sound like a 6-yr old girl singing Twinkle Twinkle to the tune of Black Hole Sun....

The game itself seems to be FULL o'Content. The campaign carries you through lots of rewards like tour buses and roadies, and the characters appearances seem endlessly customizable with LOTS of hair styles, outfits, accessories etc. However, you also have to unlock songs in Solo/Band World Tour before getting access to the full song list, so you can't just pick up the game, invite a bunch of friends and play all your favorite songs until you've played the campaign a while.

In any case, I still only currently have the game disc (complete with GIGANTIC spiral scratch straight from the factory, resulting in frequent disc interruptions ugh) and no peripherals, we've just been borrowing them from friends. Although you can use the standard xbox 360 mic, I still need to get hold of the drum and guitar. I'll prolly just buy the whole shebang when I'm gainfully employed again. Keep an eye out for deals for me!


look who's posting after all this time... might as well since i am a broke and unemployed loser. cross your fingers for my interview next week! and... rub a rabbit's foot while killing a black cat with a horseshoe that this "environmental resources specialist" position isn't actually a euphemism for "sewage collector."

isn't this just indescribably beautiful...? i have no idea where it is tho, i'll hunt down the location when mom gets back in the country. mom and dad took these in China last time she went to check on grandma. ... she died this tuesday. mom went to china right away to take care of arrangements. ..... i think that's all i'll say about that for now.


So I was playing with the actor editor on "The Movies" game for kicks... The utility is easy to use but it's hard to specify exactly what you want. I was experimenting with all the different face shapes and proportions and ended up with something I thought was decently good looking.. but when I stepped back and looked at it after being bogged down with details.. I realized I had made an exact pixellated replica of Patrick Swayze... I DONT EVEN LIKE PATRICK SWAYZE WTF.

So here's what I ended up with.

Add a certain mullet...


Mere moments after singing the praises of Tylenol Cold for relieving my cold symptoms!! I realized that I was feeling distinctly... inebriated. After falling on my ass while trying to get a bottle of water and running into the doorframe, it was clear... I was fully drunk from 2 caplets (THE RECOMMENDED ADULT DOSAGE). This lasted for more than 4 hours as the deceitful pills time released inside my body, keeping me in a drunken state while i attempted to study lipid rafts and posttranslational modifications in the endoplasmic reticulum... the words swimming across the page as my treacherous mind itself swam off to more entertaining enterprises. Finally, I've essentially recovered (I can feel my hands now) and begin to study in earnest, but all my cold symptoms are back and I'm sleeeeeepy. What the heck happened here??? I think it must have been the Tylenol interacting with some other meds i was taking... otherwise it seems pretty extreme for just 2 pills to affect me so much, no matter how small I am.

*Edit* Oh and i just realized.. it felt really nice hahaha. If I didn't have to study for a midterm, I think I would really have enjoyed it... Can't wait for the midterm to be over so I can take another one bwahaha... ok this is so wrong


Caption contest

Try and top my lame caption!!

why are there always so many animals in my posts...?

i guess i just love animals... alright this is my post about the trip I didn't go on. But my mom and bros filled me in and I felt like I was there =) Despite not having eaten the delicious food and played with the lovely animals and climbed the gorgeous temples....

Kevin standing by a "ting" (a small temple with nearly the same chinese character as my name)

Just for you Gary!! Yes, that is a hugely fat penguin

Is that a walrus in your pocket or are you just happy to... ok nm =p

Did you know that baby donkeys act just like puppies?? They're so endearing when they're young =)

cute =)

my grandpa's dog is so gorgeous... anyone know where to find one like it in america? is it a breed at all...? i have no clue =(

scary kitty... he's actually hissing at the dog (above) that's just out of picture


he just looks like the typical chinese kitty you see in the wall scrolls..

and here's another set of kitties at the other grandparents house =)

he's rather frightening... this one is kevin's

this is the poor dog they attack ferociously

but when it's naptime, they all sleep in a big pile

evidently, shortly after this he ate that yoyo...

mom flying a kite in tian an men square

and this is a frightening picture of my kitty in america about to maul and eat a grasshopper


good kitty...

(21:12:25) ownsnogoodshirts: question, do hairballs look like poop?
(21:12:47) TiNGsqrd: oh god
(21:12:48) TiNGsqrd: wtf
(21:12:49) TiNGsqrd: is it poop?
(21:12:53) TiNGsqrd: ..............................................
(21:12:54) TiNGsqrd: WTF GARY
(21:13:15) ownsnogoodshirts: ...what? this is a legitimate question
(21:14:11) TiNGsqrd: WHATS GOING ON
(21:14:13) TiNGsqrd: GODDAMMIT GARY
(21:14:14) TiNGsqrd: ::STAB::
(21:14:43) ownsnogoodshirts: because when I went over to your place today
(21:15:04) ownsnogoodshirts: there was a bit of stuff on the kitchen floor, looked like a wet mess of fur
(21:15:29) TiNGsqrd: uhm yea that sounds like a hairball...
(21:15:29) TiNGsqrd: wtf
(21:15:35) TiNGsqrd: i've never seen him do it
(21:15:40) TiNGsqrd: is it just like throw up?
(21:15:56) ownsnogoodshirts: erm, a bit
(21:16:20) ownsnogoodshirts: just a lot of wet fur
(21:16:37) TiNGsqrd: ohh
(21:16:38) TiNGsqrd: ew
(21:16:40) TiNGsqrd: wow!
(21:16:41) TiNGsqrd: his first!!!
(21:16:44) TiNGsqrd: that i'm aware of..
(21:16:47) TiNGsqrd: mooo i'm jealous
(21:16:51) ownsnogoodshirts: ...
(21:16:57) ownsnogoodshirts: welllllllllllll
(21:17:08) ownsnogoodshirts: I could've left it there for you to discover days later o__O
(21:17:12) TiNGsqrd: GAH
(21:17:14) ownsnogoodshirts: but that's kind of sick
(21:17:14) TiNGsqrd: did it smell??
(21:17:26) ownsnogoodshirts: erm, not really
(21:17:33) ownsnogoodshirts: just sort of gloppy
(21:18:17) TiNGsqrd: hahahah
(21:18:18) TiNGsqrd: god
(21:18:21) TiNGsqrd: that's awful hahahahaha
(21:19:03) ownsnogoodshirts: ..lucky me -_-
(21:20:47) TiNGsqrd: HAHAHAHA
(21:20:48) TiNGsqrd: sooo
(21:20:51) TiNGsqrd: otherwise.. how is he?
(21:21:30) ownsnogoodshirts: he was less needy today
(21:21:37) ownsnogoodshirts: mainly just "FEEEEED ME"
(21:22:19) TiNGsqrd: HAHAHA
(21:22:25) TiNGsqrd: I HUNGER
(21:22:26) TiNGsqrd: MEOW
(21:22:29) TiNGsqrd: MIAO
(21:22:43) ownsnogoodshirts: pretty much
(21:22:49) ownsnogoodshirts: so I go over to fill the bowls
(21:23:00) ownsnogoodshirts: and then there's this pile of yellowish stuff on the ground
(21:23:03) ownsnogoodshirts: and I stare at it
(21:23:14) ownsnogoodshirts: and if it had eyes I bet it would've stared back
(21:23:27) ownsnogoodshirts: ::looks closer::
(21:23:34) ownsnogoodshirts: ewww fuuurr stuff
(21:23:44) ownsnogoodshirts: pick up in plastic bag, toss
(21:23:47) ownsnogoodshirts: end of story
(21:24:21) TiNGsqrd: OH GOD
(21:24:22) TiNGsqrd: it's YELLOW?
(21:24:23) TiNGsqrd: EW
(21:24:29) TiNGsqrd: but he's black!!
(21:25:17) ownsnogoodshirts: well, really just a mixed color pile
(21:26:15) TiNGsqrd: oh god..
(21:26:17) TiNGsqrd: but yellow??
(21:26:21) TiNGsqrd: he's not yellow!!
(21:26:42) TiNGsqrd: god this conversation goes on my blog


to indulge another wave of nostalgia and missing my family...

us at our cutest at the great wall

we failed at trying to reproduce the wall carving though...


highlight of my night

this'll do, i'm too lazy to retype it

(18:22:53) TiNGsqrd: mwahaha i went to a club last nite
(18:23:06) TiNGsqrd: and as i was on the dance floor, i see the 3 largest people in the club all coming at me...
(18:23:12) This is KenHuang: lol
(18:23:20) This is KenHuang: this is gonna be good
(18:23:27) TiNGsqrd: somehow an intersection of fates brought these large lard bags in my direction at the same time...
(18:23:34) TiNGsqrd: they were each like 3 times my width...
(18:24:04) TiNGsqrd: they all reach me simultaneously, squeezing me between their girth, so i literally POPPED out of them in the opposite direction they were going
(18:24:17) This is KenHuang: uhh
(18:24:18) TiNGsqrd: like with a BACKSPIN at a high velocity
(18:24:18) This is KenHuang: wtf
(18:24:26) TiNGsqrd: i was lucky my friend caught me before i fell over
(18:24:44) TiNGsqrd: no the really wrong thing ..
(18:24:49) TiNGsqrd: i'm not exaggerating at all
(18:24:52) TiNGsqrd: this is a fully true story
(18:24:57) This is KenHuang: wtf
(18:25:45) This is KenHuang: thats quite odd
(18:26:19) TiNGsqrd: i know...
((18:26:31) TiNGsqrd: and the funny thing is, i saw it coming...
(18:26:40) TiNGsqrd: my friend was facing me and he saw my eyes get wide
(18:27:01) TiNGsqrd: i was like omg omg OMG OMG ::POP FALL OVER::
(18:27:19) This is KenHuang: hahaha
(18:28:48) TiNGsqrd: the backspin is what really got me...
(18:28:59) TiNGsqrd: it's just not right..


mull over this one a little while

Dave: Eh you, more papier! ::snapsnap::

Gary: Eh! Bu neng papier!!


*EDIT* ok we're up to 4 out of 31 people who face away!! WOO keep em coming

Alright, so the verdict is in, out of a total 27 people who've answered my question that ends all questions, 2 people have agreed with me that generally facing away from the showerhead is the correct form in the intricate ballet of cleanliness. This means you Gary and Jon!! And as further proof I provide you with historical evidence of said established Fact, kindly provided by Gaoi himself:

To quote the illustrious Gary: "Exhibit A. No words needed."

Alright alright, two out of twenty seven only barely qualifies as proof... but the truth is, I'm very short and if I faced the shower I would drown. Which does not explain how Wen has managed to survive this many years with her life intact... And how can you stand spending a shower staring at the wall?? Explain yourselves all! Don't think you can get off that easily!!


ok this is important to me:

Do you shower facing the showerhead or away from it? Don't ask, just answer!


Aegri somnia -- Ex mero motu

[[no i've forgotten those
words stale and cold
frosted with abuse.]]
blue shadows on naked skin
the pre-dawn light trembling outside of time.
as if seeking for just the location of my soul,
your fingertip searches me.

the you that shimmers before me,
blooms in season like the ephemeral flower.
the scent of life in your grasp,
scattering in splendid form.

return to me, as if you were never lost.
you passed like a shadow over the face of the moon.
return here to this waiting hand,
frozen, shivering until we meet again.

when you closed your eyes as if in prayer,
the world disappeared for me into the darkness
but even so, a heartbeat again stirs
searching, for a constrained eternity

rise up to me, flowing swift from the tide of dreams
with grace, to meet and love in gentle repetition.
you, too will find a light held in wait
heart and body forgotten.


staying at gary's =) WOOO


I'm lacking all communication with the world for an indeterminate amount of time =) Why is everything going wrong with the world right now eh??

But yes, I've come to do some maintenance on a campus computer while I have the chance.

The 4th was so great!! Drunken debauchery and drunken stories that I've filed away for my future use since I was pretty much the only sober one likely to remember what I heard =) The highlight was really the beach though... I was determined to shove Aaron into the ocean but he fought me as best he could. Poor guy tho, he really never had a chance :: flexing tiny muscles ::

But yea... I never realized how terrifying it could be to know that you have no way to communicate with people... I tend towards being solitary in any case.. but to have all family in another country, no means to contact people to plan activites, no satisfactory people in your living area, and be unable to drive is really a combination of circumstances designed to cause a mental breakdown.


Just to rub salt in my own wounds, here is a picture from a visit to China several years ago. Those are my brothers in the forefront, and a cousin in front of me, waaay in the back waving.

Every passing day makes me realize how much I need my family around me... I wish to God I could be in China with them and my Grandmother. I'll try to fight off the melodrama, but six weeks is a long time...


simple pleasures =)

the view out my window yesterday morning

the view out my other window last nite

thank heaven for stephanie, she coached me on bio 102 material from 1-4am last nite and has work 9-5 today... i literally knew nothing before she taught me and would have failed my midterm hands down. now i know angels do exist (^-^)


my fashion-conscious hilary duff-idolizing roommate decided that she needed pictures of my outfit today back-to-front for her class project, and in my delerious state i agreed (>_<)

bear in mind this is after pulling an all-nighter and walking through a disheartening drizzle after fully failing a midterm... 22 hours of wakefulness doesn't do much for the complexion and rain doesnt do much for the hair... ah vanity

i'm trying to be less camera-shy


my aaron post

this is my best friend aaron

otherwise known as nick carter

mm isnt he sexxxy


he is very friendly, he will pick you up if you are hitchhiking =) click on him!